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With the Zorakle assessment, we offer a radical new way to help you find the perfect franchise fit.

What is Zorakle?

Zorakle is a comprehensive, scientific business profile assessment that matches your strengths to the right franchise opportunity.


The assesment’s meta-analysis methodology provides insights no singular profile, survey, algorithm or assessment can.


Provides greater accuracy in predicting business success than companies using single science or single scoring methods.


Integrates seven statistically validated sciences, along with both normative and ipsative scoring methods.


Assessments quantify franchisee compatibility and other key performance factors.


Zorakle assessments use research from Harvard Business School, Stanford, and Michigan, along with renowned researchers such as Dr. Daniel Goleman.

Not A Personality Test!

People evolve and change; thus personality tests, by their very nature, are limited both in scope and application. Zorakle is more encompassing and predictive than a personality test.

What People Are Saying

“In my many decades in business, I have worked with numerous assessment models. Never have I come across one as ‘Spot On’ as the Zorakle System. The platform is truly second to none.”

A. Lamedman, Franchise Pros International

“Zorakle Profiles is a game changer! Any franchisor who isn’t using the SpotOn! Eclipse Report will get left behind. End of story.”

Paul Segreto, Franchise Foundry

Over the years, I have taken many profiles; none really got it right until Zorakle. This one was spot on! Really amazingly accurate. The profile clearly shows and defines what it takes to be a business owner.

Sally Facinelli, FranSuite

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