Who are you?

Josh is a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer. After graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy, he spent time as a platoon commander and Company Executive Officer with 1st Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment. He then served as a Liaison Officer in the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan. Finally, he transitioned out of the Marine Corps and spent 6 months studying Mandarin in Guilin, China. He has a passion for business, helping others achieve their goals, reading, and water sports.

Ryan is an experienced business advisor and strategist with five years as a B2B technology and management consultant.

We have partnered with Mike Handy, who has over twenty years of experience in the franchise industry as a founder of a franchise, a franchisee, a franchise development consultant, and a franchise consultant. This way, we can ensure you receive the absolute best advice possible

What are your specialties?

As a veteran, Josh specializes in helping transition military members into business owners. Ryan specializes in applying technology to help match candidates with the right franchise.

Further, we both help foreign nationals and their family get a business visa that will be renewable as long as you are in business. We are extensively trained to handle all kinds of people interested in franchising.

Are all franchises a restaurant?

Not at all. We have over 470 franchises in over 35 industries and food is only one of those industries. Go to our franchises here and see all the different kind of franchises we have!

What is a franchisee and a franchisor?

A franchisee is someone who owns a franchise. Franchisors are the central team behind a franchising business – their president, national marketing team, development team, IT team, and everyone else at corporate that helps the franchisee succeed. So when we say the franchisor will help you do something, we don’t mean one person- we mean several teams of people!

What is a Franchise Disclosure Document, or FDD?

The franchise disclosure document (FDD) is a legal disclosure document that must be given to individuals interested in buying a U.S. franchise as part of the pre-sale due diligence process. It contains information essential to potential franchisees about to make a significant investment. See more info here:

What's "the process"?

The process is a system of 10 steps used to guide candidates seeking financial independence through franchise ownership. The steps are:

  1. Initial consultation.
  2. Learning the candidate. 
  3. Research. 
  4. Presentation.
  5. Exploration. 
  6. Documentation. 
  7. Investigation. 
  8. Professional advice.
  9. Discovery.
  10. Financial independence. 
Are your services really free? How do you get paid?

Yes, our services really are free to you! We speak with hundreds of people about franchising, some who are just interested in getting informatino, and some who are serious about buying a franchise. When those people go through “the process” and buy a franchise, the franchisor pays me a referral fee – kind of like an executive recruiter. 

Why buy a franchise instead of some other sort of business?
  1. There is already a successful business model that has been developed and proved over and over again. Sometimes, hundreds of times! 
  2. Franchisors offer training and continuous support to their franchisees. The training is one of the best things about franchises! They can take what skills you do have, and teach you what you need to know so you can get into a business you would never have thought possible! After the training, they have the mindset that you are now part of their little family and will be treated as such. Furthermore, they have to ensure you are protecting their brand name by only offering the best service. 
  3. The Franchisor makes money from royalties. This means they only make money if you make money. So they will help you make money every way they can. This means national marketing campaigns, resources for local marketing, training academies for your employees, and so much more!
  4. Lastly, you get to use their name. Customers often choose the company whose name they know instead of one they don’t. This means even though they have never heard of you personally, from the moment you open your doors, you have credibility that a new business doesn’t.

Pay for your franchise while paying yourself.

Franchise ownership is more accessible than you think.

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