From research to business ownership, Tracer Consulting can help you towards financial independence by matching you with your dream franchise.

Our Proven Process

Step 1: Contact Us

Congratulations! You’ve made the first step down a rewarding path. Your contact information is kept confidential and is reviewed only by us to provide you the best opportunities.

Step 2: Interview

You tell us your skills, likes and dislikes, lifestyle goals, financial goals, current financial situation, hobbies, family, and more! If it seems personal, it is: buying a franchise is a personal endeavor.

Step 3: Research

Once we know all about you, we go back to our list of 470 franchises and find ones that can fit your goals, skillset, and location.

Step 4: Presentation

We present the best matches for you based on the information you provided us and the extensive information we have on each of our 470 franchises.

Step 5: Introduction

Together, we call the development team at the franchises you like best. You get to know the business better, and f you like their answers, we move on to informational webinars and call the franchise’s executive team.


Step 6: Documentation

You receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. This will contain information about the business, along with contact information for current franchise owners.

Step 7: Investigation

You call current and former franchisees, and hear their thoughts and recommendations.

Step 8: Professional Consultation

Now that you’re fully interested in owning a franchise, you consult with an attorney and accountant.  It’s important to ensure that both people have a strong background in franchising. We can help you find skilled professionals in your area.

Step 9: Discovery

Most franchisors have a Discovery Day, where they invite qualified candidates to their location. The Discovery Day is like a two way interview to ensure everyone is confident in the match. You will not only get crucial information for your decision, but will get to meet the staff that will be providing your initial training and continuing support. Finally, a Franchise Agreement is given to the candidate.

Step 10: Financial Independence

After consulting with an attorney, the Franchise Agreement is signed and the candidate formally becomes a franchisee. Congratulation! You have become a “Frantrepreneur”, a cross between a traditional entrepreneur and a modern franchise owner. This process can be as short as 2 months or as long as 6 – you will never be rushed into a decision.

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